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SURECORETM Disposable Biopsy Needle - Semi Automatic

  • NMPA/CE/FDA approved
  • Sharp Beveled Needle Tip
  • The Precise, Stable Firing Mechanism
  • The Lightweight, & Compact Handle Designs
  • Two Throw Lengths (10mm and 20mm) In One
  • Centimeter Depth Marking
  • Available With SureAimTM Coaxial Biopsy Needle & Blunt Stylet

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Intended For Use

Canyon Biopsy Needle is suitable for a percutaneous needle insertion procedure is intended for use in obtaining biopsies from soft tissues such as liver, kidney, prostate, spleen, lymph nodes and various soft tissue tumors. It is not intended for use in bone and brain.


SureCoreTM semi-automatic biopsy needle is designed to capture superior tissue samples with minimal trauma to the patient, and set the standard for easy and reliable procedural maneuverability. 


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Product Specifications

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