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MaxBlate® Microwave Ablation Generator

  • CEMDR approved
  • 2450MHz frequency
  • MW solid state source
  • Adaptive closed loop control
  • Self-controlled algorithm
  • Interactive touch screen
  • Adjusted power and time settings
  • Cooling and temperature monitoring control

Product DetailsProduct Specifications

Precise and Stable

Powered by Canyon self-developed MW solid state source with adaptive closed loop control and algorithm to provide precise and stable MW output.

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Safety Needs

IEC 60601-1 compliant for enhanced electrical safety.

Convenient Design

Portable and compact design for convenient transportation, installation, operation and service maintenance.


Interactive Touch Screen

Interactive and sensitive touch screen with adjustable power & time setting.

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Cooling & Temperature Monitoring Control

Cooling and real-time temperature monitoring as well as other incorporated multi-safety monitoring control.


Easy Mode Switching

Continuous and pulsed mode are available for different clinical options.

Energy OutputTime SettingWorking Power
KY-2000A2450 MHz

7 in. Touchscreen 

5-100 W1-30 min100-240 V; 50-60 Hz

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