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  • "Ablation of lung cancer" Webinar

    Yesterday,Canyon Medical hosted a highly successful webinar on the subject of "Ablation of lung cancer" which attracted tons of doctors from around the world. Conducted by Prof. Jie Pa...

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  • The 1St WOYI Minimal Invasive Treatment Workshop on Uterine Fibroids

    The 1St WOYI Minimal Invasive Treatment Workshop on Uterine Fibroids was held on April 13 in Shenzhen, jointly organized by China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Healt...

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  • he 7th Chinese Microwave Ablation Masters Summit

    The 7th Chinese Microwave Ablation Masters Summit (CMAMS) will be held on 2024 in Shangyu, Zhejiang.CMAMS is an annual forum for microwave ablation specialists in China, aimed at updating their knowle...

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  • Cross-straits Exchanges on Microwave ablation

    Interventional Medicine Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital hosted a delegation of eight experts, led by Dr. Wei-Che Lin and his team from Taiwan on March 14th and 15th, 2024. As o...

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  • 8th MAMIGS Morocco

    At the 8th MAMIGS Morocco during 1st and 2nd of March, Canyon had the pleasure to introduce our state-of-the-art Microwave Ablation technology as super minimal invasive treatment for uterine...

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  • Endo Dubai 2024

    Canyon Medical made the debut at Endo Dubai from Feb 23rd to 25th, delightedly showcasing microwave ablation as the latest developments and innovations to manage treatment minimal invasively.Prof. Xia...

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  • MITT 2024

    Partner with Med-Italia Biomedica, Canyon has the pleasure to attend MITT and SYT Save Your Thyroid scheduled on 15-16 Feb in Milan. It is a productive and inspiring period of time by listening a...

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  • PAIRS in Dubai

    For four intense days at our booth, where Canyon and SurgMate, are welcoming visitors non-stop, engaging closely with our valued medicare professionals and partners, and showcasing the latest dev...

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  • SIRS2023 Riyadh

    Canyon exhibited for the first time at SIRS2023 Riyadh, showcasing our cutting-edge Microwave Ablation generator as well as a whole portfolio of antennas for better solutions!The workshop is buzz...

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  • The 2nd International Radiology Conference

    Together with our esteemed Egyptian partner Medilab International, Canyon exhibited at EIRC in Cairo, enthusiastically showcasing our exceptional Microwave Ablation system, including MaxBlate MW gener...

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