Canyon Microwave Ablation

Ablation with Confidence

About Canyon Medical

Canyon Medical is specialized in Microwave Ablation forover 30 years with the largest accumulated cases done successfully with oursystem in China. By innovating with clinical practices hands in hands, we are pioneeringto solve clinical challenges in this field. In view of our continuous andprominent contribution, our company was granted with many great honors, likethe National Award for Scientific and Technological Invention in 2014.

In 2015, Canyon Medical joined the family of Micro-Tech.In virtue of Micro-Tech’s international platform and management philosophy,Canyon Medical is advancing towards a greater international stage at a higherlevel.

About Canyon Microwave Ablation

Canyon Microwave Ablation is indicated for use inpercutaneous, laparoscopic, and intraoperative coagulation (ablation) of softtissue, including partial or complete ablation of non-resectable liver and lungtumors. It mainly includes Microwave Ablation System and Microwave AblationAntennas, which are designed to realize a reliable, predictable and uniformablation zone.

As a leading brand in China with endless efforts inproduct design and R&D, we are proud to continue delivering solutionsAccurate, Stable, Safe and more.